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Back Together

The Back Together Collection

My diploma work experiments with the reunification of textile and ceramics. The collection concentrates on the alternative material usage with a focus on ceramics. Therefore, the handmade methods serve as a base for my collection. Earlier movements like Arts & Craft or Bauhaus encouraged the shift towards these methods and nowadays slow fashion represent a view which best fits with handmade design. However, my collection approaches the basic idea from a new point of view.

My idea originates from the history of ceramics. People use ceramics and textile from the very beginning. During the Neolithic we can rather talk about clay and animal skin usage. Nevertheless, its purpose was the same as it is today. Back in the time this two materials were born together; created and formed by men’s hand and by the time they got separated. In my collection, I intend to (end this separation and) reunite the two materials again. Therefore, the name of this collection is Back Together.

Similar to the main concept, the collection was inspired by two things. First, it draws inspiration from the past in the form of visual heritage. Second, it relies on several contemporary trends that inspire me in fashion, art or lifestyle. I can best describe my collection by characterizing a woman who enjoys art, respects old traditions, prefers simplicity as well as opened to new impulses. Either she lives the busy urban lifestyle, or a quiet one far away in a village she finds her way. In all situation she is able to adore the old and embrace the new.

Back Together - 1 by Illés Dorottya
Back Together - 2 by Illés Dorottya
Back Together - 3 by Illés Dorottya
Back Together - 4 by Illés Dorottya
Back Together - 5 by Illés Dorottya
Back Together - 6 by Illés Dorottya
Back Together - 7 by Illés Dorottya
Back Together - 8 by Illés Dorottya

Campaign photos

Back Together - 9 by Illés Dorottya
Back Together - 10 by Illés Dorottya
Back Together - 11 by Illés Dorottya
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Budapest, Magyarország

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