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Green Light

Green Light by Peter Danczkay - Oleant Lighting

Green Light - 1 by OleantLighting
Green Light - 2 by OleantLighting

Well, we are not just referring to its colour. A truly environmentally friendly luminaire, so much so that we are using one of the most distinctive plants from of our environment to cover it.

The Iceland lichen, also known as the Icelandic moss, is abundantly found in the mountainous Arctic regions. The plant is widely used by the inhabitants of the Arctic: they feed it to reindeer, and in the poorer times they even eat it. In addition to starch, it also contains bitter cetrarin, the active ingredient is used as an appetite suppressant.

We are not trying to stimulate your appetite for this lichen!

Check out the latest most unique luminaire in the world.

As stated by Oleant’s designer: "Good light is not a luxury but a basic necessity for everyday life". To live in a happy environment is also a basic necessity. This 100% natural wrap is a mood enhancer, does not require any maintenance, and brings green into your home for many years to come!

Green Light - 3 by OleantLighting
Green Light - 4 by OleantLighting
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Budapest, Magyarország

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