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Reverence - 1 by ENIKO TOTH KERN
Perf. No.1. First performance of Enikő Tóth Kern In the aim of some spiritual reasons to feel more limitless, united, conscious, brave and powerful. What do I get back when I give something up? To leave the stereotypes, the pressure of materialism and try this new way of being, to throw out the fake expectations. To be released from the definition of how to be a woman, set myself free. And yes, to try something simple. To see how people reacting, even overreacting to this apperance. Interesting what is in the people mind, what are they connects to this phenomenon? What's the difference between making noise or cause silence? I wanted to try what would I lose. And I didn’t lost anything, but achieved a lot of precious things, lots of new experience, that teached me some really new things about myself. We should rely less on our physical attributes. http://anny-tke.tumblr.com/ https://www.facebook.com/enikotothker... https://www.instagram.com/enikotothkern/ Camera/ video: https://www.deephoto.hu/
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Budapest, Hungary

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